Saturday, July 3, 2021

Beer Friday. Alley Kat Brewing, Neils Smoked Porter


A big day is done and the smell of victory is actually pretty sweet. A long day out looking at vehicles for Lonebiker Mini Jr is complete and I am happy to report, we found one. That frees up tomorrow but sadly makes Monday a Hell day as I have to deal with all the insurance bullshit. 

*previous insane ramblings from an old man and his rant about insurance companies have been deleted. 

To be continued...

So Monday should be fun. 

Anyways, today is a good day despite still nursing a very sore thigh. Oddly no marks and it is quite painful when stairs or any sort of bending is required.. Damn.. I want to ride tomorrow. Also it is beer Friday which makes a good day besides all the limping a pretty great day. 

From Edmonton we have Alley Kat Brewing again. This time we have Neil's Smoked Porter which is dedicated to Neil Herbst who was one of the founders and retired with this recipe. 

We poured and a great big head formed on top of a dark and proud porter. A good five fingered head didn't linger too long after the photo shoot. It now sits with a shallow glaze across the surface with some lacing creeping up the sides of the glass in quite the seductive show. Toffee and dark coffee are scents I seem to be picking up as I leaned in to have a sniff. 

The first sip was exactly what I was expecting. This one was quite great. Thick dark roasted malts come at you when you taste it. Mesquite almonds (is that a thing?) mixed in with toffee and coffee come out. The can say's 5% but it oddly tastes quite a bit lighter. This one is pretty fine and I always distinguish the dark beers as a Winter thing but I can tell you we are far from Winter here and am enjoying it in the heat. 

This beer gets 3.5 suds out of 5. 

Also, terribly sorry bout all that bitching, but you know...

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