Friday, September 24, 2021

A Kent Meet

There are so many boomer types out there wearing blue jeans and riding e-bikes nowadays I am starting to wonder if this is the replacement for the Corvette they always wanted to buy.  Some of them complete the ensemble with a full on reflective vest because those pesky truckers in the river valley running us off the trails and all...

Oh now I'm just being a dick. Maybe they rode streets prior. I don't know. Is this also cause of covid? I have to know, covid really fucked up a lot of things in the bike world and a plethora of old dudes in jeans riding electric fat bikes was never in my train of thought as being a result from the pandemic. 

Welcome to twenty-twenty-one folks.

A meet up with Kent as I parked on the upper reaches of the valley by End of the World for a roll through some of the most amazing forests with the leaves changing and all. 

If you don't ever go and read this, go have a look. Take a walk or run... Walk your dog. The sights and smells of the trees and look of the sunrise and sunsets make you feel good to be alive.

And riding a bike, that feeling is exaggerated quite profusely.

And riding a bike with Kent... Well damn son... That makes for a top notch ride.

It was a long awaited ride meet up. Life can be busy. 

The top of Saskatchewan drive was ridden to Ray Gun where we rode down through Silver Fox and down the multi use for a meet up with my old lady Victoria (of Victoria's Secret) (yes that is the trail name.) The trail is Victorias Secret and she belongs to me, for any new readers out there.

Everything amaze.

I love this time of year, lot's of catching up was done when we could, other wise it was riding and ruling. A new trail that I forget the name of was ridden. Apparently it had high hopes in the beginning of the season but it failed. My views on it. Not too bad, there are definitely worse trails out there, it had a fighting chance of being a good trail but as Kent said it leads nowhere. It does pop you out near Alexander Circle so that's a win. I will text Kent right now to find out the name of it. This is some live action blogging coming at you.

We took Gro.. Hold on I got a reply. Porcupine? Pork and Wine? We'll he is like me I guess. I like Pork and Wine, let's go with that. 

It was Groat Road Rollercoaster and then Hawerlak's multi use and Raven which ended a great ride. We split up and I rode to the top of the ravine back to my Jeep and he departed to the Terwillegar area with plans on doing it again tomorrow. 

Cause you know.. Gotta make up for lost time.

 Kent Steeves. Pics #2, #4, #5. 

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