Sunday, September 12, 2021

Favourite Multi use Climb in the Valley?

 More rain had me on paved trails and multi use duty. When I did get out the sun was up soaking up the puddles left previously from the rain clouds which was a bit upsetting as on the drive out it was overcast and gloomy which is what I would have preferred. 

Why is that you ask? Cause gloom rules kids. Gloom rules..

I did have bigger plans for this one, the rain this morning told me it was a wet weather ride and I planned on riding originally from Mill Creek to Terwillegar and on the eastbound paved trails till finding 91'st street and heading back to Mill Creek mimicking a ride we did a few years ago that was quite memorable. 

With night shift recovery still happening I shortened the loop and parked near the Foote Field and took the long way around and found Hawerlak. I crossed the bridge and was in Karenville and was instantly annoyed as there were people literally everywhere. I found the end and closed up my longer planned route to Terwillegar as fatigue had set in. 

With the ride not going great I needed to get out of the valley and that would be via my favourite current climb out of the valley on the multi use. The Whitemud Traverse, Grandview Climb Access (pretty sure that's it.) It is multi use so settle down, I have about twenty singletrack climbs I can think of that are so much better. It's multi use and usually the climb outs in the valley are horrid. this one though has always been quite pleasant and easy on the legs which was perfect for today.

With some amazing little sections of forest this can make you feel like you are somewhere better, the traffic noise does shoot down that little fantasy so this climb out is best enjoyed with headphones. Once you hit the top there is apparently a homeowner in the area that hates bikes. So the chances of having a fun encounter up top makes things interesting. 

The ride was over shortly after that when it was a hop, skip and a jump to the Jeepers. 

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