Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Frosted Toenails

 Armed with a belly full of spaghetti it was off to a mid Mill Creek start to get this one rolling on my last day off. Usually the day is spent moping around the house with a well extended bottom lip which has a good amount of quiver to it. I wanted no part in pouting today so I took the bike out in an attempt to get rid of a very fast oncoming shit mood.

My 45Nrth shoes are Winter specific but made for a very cold day in Vancouver. A very cold day in Edmonton is quite a bit different so in these conditions (anything below-20) my time out in the cold is quite limited and I try not to stray too far from a vehicle. So today I had a very low km count after adding up the sad totals from last year doing the top 5 lists which was a bit of a bummer. I had hoped to at least spring into double digit territory but was almost four km away from the mark.

The ride form the pool parking lot and out to the Low Level where I backtracked to the sexy new Tawatinâ where I returned home via the pyramid hill. Very little singletrack was ridden today and I flirted with the idea of taking The Trap and other trails back but my toes were starting to freeze so I booked it for home. 

After working on the worst and best rides of 21 all week I would say this one ranks in the 'meh' category, Not amazing, not shitty, not ok, not bad. Just meh. 

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