Sunday, July 3, 2022

The Local

A ton of rain yesterday booted me off the trails yet again..

I was ready to drive in to town but frustrated with the weather I pulled everything out of the official Lonebiker-Transfer-to-Trail-4x4 and rode local. 

The ride ended up a lot shorter than planned due to disinterest. The highlight was almost getting smoked by a car which was completely my fault, I did feel bad as the lady driver looked very upset that it happened. Not upset in a Karen-esque type of way. She looked upset. 

If in a one and a five billion chance that she reads this. Damn, I sure am sorry I scared you.

 I did run a stop sign and did not look when crossing a residential road while wearing headphones. Yes, sign me up for a Darwin Award. 


Sixtysix point Seventy-Four Kilometres

66.74 kms. Five rides.  Nope. not impressive at all for kms ridden but these would have been at zero with no rides if I was on night shift a...