Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Days Off Ending Ride Killer

It started out promising. It really did but in the end the oncoming work vibes put an end to the fun and I was done. 

I seriously don't get it. I do get a bit of a depression as I know I have to put the fun stuff out of the way for a week so maybe that is what makes my legs wobbly. 

The short mix of singletrack was great. I exited out of  dirty Mattress with intentions of riding up to Gnome but ducked out when all the sudden my energy level was sapped significantly and the mountain bike turned into a paved trail ride. Some light singletrack when I could and a warning to anyone who rides the Rossdale Cutoff as there was an uncomfortable amount of homeless activity in those trees. A couple looks from them told me I wasn't welcome. Or Maybe I just typed that to make it more dramatic. 

Nevertheless, a kind warning to keep your guard when rolling through. 

The ride ended with a proper crossing of the sexy Tawatina where it was Mill Creek multi use and paved taking me back to the Velodrome. 

it was kind of exciting watching my travelled lines soon connect

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