Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Fort Saskatchewan Fun Ender

Today was a day to take it easier on the legs so I rode the fine trails of Fort Saskatchewan for a quick 12 km rip. It is usually about 17 but the dreaded bridge construction is non ending and for once they had workers there so I didn't want to be a dickwad and ride through. Although by the looks of the workers none of them would have cared

A good ride where I had more in me than I thought after a longer one yesterday. Yes it was thirty km so snicker away ya dicks. 

A good ride but too many foot put downs and quick hike a bike up steep sections for my liking. Other than a few of those it was pretty great. Although I was a bit frustrated at walking up steeps I have never walked up before. 

I cried for a good twenty minutes at the new paved walkway with boardwalk/deck or whatever the fuck that is and felt better.

I tried the newish Middlestone trail and although it incorporated the old loop (or so I believe) it was kind of meh in relation to the old stand by trails in that area. I have been in a bit of a tizzy lately so maybe I wasn't thinking too clearly. I do think it would be way better in the Winter though on some orange fat sexiness if you know what I mean...

A quiet day ended a good day and sadly end of day shift days off. Nights are looming strongly. 

a new line cut to avoid the steep descent and ascent on the north east side trails, why? 

newish trail. sure i have been here before but i prefer the old school trails

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