Sunday, September 11, 2022

The New Garmin in a Fort Saskatchewan Wonder Run

An absolute banger of a ride on an amazing bike on an amazing evening making me wonder why all the chumps leave to go live in Costa Rica or the Caribbean when it's super amaze here..? 

Oh wait…. Yes. Canadian Winter. 

No.. I really get moving to Costa Rica some Winters.

The bike ride? Absolute amaze all around despite many foot downs and embarrassing attempts in the technical sections. You know what though? 

I gave zero fucks cause I was having the time of my life riding a bike. 

Aside from the foot put downs I did have some successful routes through problem areas and the bike as per the usual felt incredible. The soon incoming fall season had showed its colours and at times the smell of Fall leaves lustfully filled the air. The ride on all points was one of the best I have had in a long time. Oddly I was in full nightshift mode prior to the ride and almost canned it in favour of football. 

The Garmin I discovered had a cool mapping feature, nothing extravagant just merely a line where you travelled with no actual map features, when I doubled back after visiting the bridge construction I doubled back on my line which delighted me to no end.

The GPS displays phone notifications which is cool yet a good question is why? On yesterdays ride I was getting CBC News notifications and am pretty sure this will get old fast. I am sure there is a way to stop it easily which I have not looked into yet as I am trying to set it from miles to kilometres and they didn't make it simple. 

Or maybe I am just an idiot. 

Stop judging. In the end I had an amazing bike ride this evening. There, how do you like that Judgy Mcjudgeface?


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