Sunday, October 9, 2022

13k Felt Like 48

These conditions are absolute unreal!

Getting out in the amaze finally felt great after a rather unpleasant week. Well, an unpleasant seven weeks. The ride had promise although I knew it would-be busy and it almost was as bad as the 2020 pandemic when everybody went outside and were afraid to go to the malls . 

I am most glad malls are back. I must say. 

Despite the business it was some good time on the trails from Dawson Park ski hut westward through Moonraker, Sideline and Risky Business and other various trails in the region. I guess I a am a bit of a bullheaded idiot but that old school Capilano super steep climb where someone graciously cut a new trail making things way easier. Well about half the time I scoff at the easy way up and try to ride up the hard way. I haven't been successful in a little while and came close today. My tires are getting worn and a slip out is what killed my momentum. 

The momentum for the ride ended quickly after that.

Maybe stress has me off kilter but I was sore the whole ride. A bummer cause today had good epic vibes. The heavy crowds kinda ruined it but the views out there are absolute killer kids. 

* top pic new iPhone 13 promax not too shabby so far. 

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