Friday, October 21, 2022

Beer Friday. Harviestoun Brewery, Old Engine Oil Craft Stout

 Finally things are getting cool. 

No, I am not talking about starting to swear Converse High Tops and a dirty 90's retro basketball jersey whilst smoking weed 24-7 and talking about how cool Bernie Sanders is.

I am talking cold weather. This is because I live in Canada.

We have a lot of English readers on here and I always hear that England can get cold and dreary. in fact it can be cold and dreary pretty much most of the year (this I heard from an American so take it with a grain of salt.) Sadly for me I think the Albertan cold is quite horribler and it slowly starts now until March or April. 

Still no real ride yet as I am coming off days. Say what Lonebiker? 

Yes no real ride yet and I hope that changes tomorrow. I have already told the family members to be forewarned as it is happening tomorrow. 

Ugh… I just hyped a ride up, that's Lonebiker bad luck. 

Harviestoun Brewery is located in Alva Scotland (which I presume is cool right now) and were opened in nineteen eighty three with the owner having beer tasting parties sharing local beer with friends. I didn't steal that off the website. I swear.

We poured Harviestoun's Old Engine Oil into Edmonton's finest Gubba Gump beer glass and watched a dark beauty fill the room with beer brewing inspiration which was happily replaced by the previous dull tone that it was. Who would have thought beer could do that when it does so many great things? 

No head and a slight fermentation on the side that hung around for the duration laid on top of a thick looking beer that would please any real man with a beard down to his left testicle. I held it up to a candle and saw no light in the beginning. Naturally no light came through but will keep testing as it dwindles. 

Dark coffee which was slightly burnt, burnt as in one of those old school work coffee carafes being left on the burner way too long. You know what though? It works well as they mask it with a chocolate and malt backdrop. 

The review is over, halfway done and a slight trace of light on the candle test. 

This beer gets 5 suds out of 5. It's superb! Thanks ma!

sorry, was lazy looking for a beer pic companion

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