Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Happy Solstice

Back to work, terribly sorry about the lack of riding. Between the extreme cold and Christmas coming fast I did not try very hard to get out this week.

Coming up:

Either a doubleheader beer review Christmas Eve and Christmas Day for a whopping four beers review over Christmas. 

Or maybe I'll just do two…

Or maybe I will just do one…

We have pulled all the top rides and the worst rides from the year and are sorting them out for an early 2023 top ride release. Many high level meetings are taking place to sort them out. Maybe we will figure out how many beer reviews will happen as well.

The next possible ride will be never. Stay safe kids. 

Don't Lose Wednesday

It was another abhorrent set of days off from a poor night shift recovery and day after day I missed ride after ride sitting like a fool in ...