Sunday, January 29, 2023

Beer Friday. Parallel 49, Jelly Monster

 We are back after a week of inactivity and damnit we are sorry. With the main winter bike down things have been kind of a bummer around ye old lonebiker headquarters, it looks like the shitbike will be the main focus for the next little bit and a brazen attempt (yes it was brave) to bleed the twenty year old Hayes was frustratingly unsuccessful over the weekend on the old shitbike. 

In the end it was decided 'fuck it, that bike needs no front brake.'

I mean really, do you need a front brake? *intern leans in "holy shit are you ever an idiot."

After firing that intern we looked into this fine brewery that has been on here before with a fairly good reputation from what I can remember. A few Google searches went down and I found nothing and now I am wondering if we even did review one. Another search and it was confirmed that yes they have been on here before. Oh thank the good lord. I was getting worried.

This review is happening during a pretty big football game so we apologize if things are not quite on the point you would expect with any other Lonebiker beer review. This Vancouver brew poured a fine golden hue with a tincture of old man alcoholic urine added in for more eye candied flavour. 

Oh shit I am sorry kids… did I use the old man piss analogy again comparing it to the beer being reviewed? 

Yes I did, its murky ok guys. Will just say its murky. 

I got traces of mandarin orange on the first smell and switched to tangerine on the next, The one and a halved fingered head disappeared quickly leaving no signs of tracing evident as this one was downed. 

If you like sour you will like this one. I was told it tastes much like a sour ball candy you get at a local convenience store and that is exactly what I got when I sipped this one. The sour candy taste can overpower things but if you dig deep down you can get notes of grapefruit which is… also sour. I did get mango as well in a very interesting beer that should be picked up if you come across this one, 

This beer gets 3.5 suds out of 5.

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