Saturday, February 11, 2023

Beer Friday. Siding 14, Hazy Train Juicy IPA

 I need to ride more.

I do, I really do… the last ride posted was the 16th of January which is coming close to a full month soon. The last ride posted did show that my winter bike was going to be in a state of disrepair for the time being knocking me off the fat bike relegating me to ride the much hated shit bike which did not go as planned. 

A quick run through of the bike showed me that my now twenty three year old stump jumper with still its original Hayes Stroker brakes had finally soiled the bed pinching my front tire tight as I spun it in the stand. The rear brake had absolute nothing as I am sure the brake fluid had completely dried up. It was time for new brakes and thats what were installed today. The lowest end Shimano's were put on and let me tell you kids, these brakes are light years ahead of what I had on that bike. 

I know… it's hard to believe. 

With the shit bike running now we are good to go only the Super Bowl and the mother of Lonebiker's birthday tomorrow making the ride chances slim. So thankfully Hazy Train brewing dropped off this little number at our studios tonight. Well, we didn't have it dropped off we sent a runner to pick it up. By runner I mean me. 

Siding 14 located in Ponoka Alberta has been visited by a few people making an emergency bathroom or gas stop when driving between Edmonton and Calgary. The brewery features a tap room and has a host of fine looking beers to choose from. 

We have the Hazy Train Juicy IPA on the docket and the first thing I have ton say is that is quite the name. They threw hazy and juicy into the title so I am expecting a lot of something and we went right to the pouring room. 

We poured and it showed a classic IPA dirty golden coloured beer topped off with a small one fingered head, the one fingered head was blamed on the beer pourer and he was promptly shown the door after via the top of their head. 

I had a sniff from a rather plugged up nose and did not come up with much other than it was a bit citrusy but damnit I cannot confirm that as I re-smiffed and came up with absolute nothing. It was sipped. It was gulped. Hell I once even sip coughed it all over my computer and modelling paints. 

Sigh.. it's tough being me.

In the end this is a decent IPA but not one that I would go out of my way to find. It had a nice citrus backing to it from an other wise well sourced hopped India Pale Ale. A more fruity type of low hopped beer which is the strong norm these days and I have said it before. I really miss hoppy IPA's. 

A decent beer though kids. 

This beer gets 3 suds out of 5. 

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