Friday, March 10, 2023

Beer Friday. Athletic Brewing, Free Wave Non Alcoholic Hazy IPA

 Yes it has been an eventful week over here at Lonebiker headquarters. With the passing of our beloved wonder dog Mojo we spared no time in getting new companions. The plan all along was to get a brother and sister and shortly after our guy was gone my wife and daughter made it their mission and drove to Lethbridge to buy two new Newfypoo puppies. 

Yes, we might be insane. It was a gametime decision to go with big dogs as the plan was to keep them smaller. After losing a dog that size and the impact he had it was an easy decision to do a one eighty and go bigger. 

So anyways, enough about dogs. I said all that to say this, I have two broken bikes and literally no money to repair them. Don't worry kids it just might be a bit of a longer lull. The shitbike is still rideable in ultra granny or big ring high speed gears. So who knows but I have really grown to hate that piece of shit. 

So we have a non alcoholic beer to review from a brewery much appropriately named Athletic Brewing who brew non alcoholic beers only who reside in San Diego, California. A good place for non alcoholic beers as I'm sure most of those people are quite fit. 

Wait…They are Americans. 


It poured like an IPA should and had that off putting golden colour that an IPA should. I took a lean back and thought 'hmmmm….' You know what though? There was something off putting about the colour but maybe it was because I had an alcohol IPA parked right next to it. Oh what! You would do the same thing if you were me so stop judging. 

I had a nice sniff and determined it would not pass for a true IPA as I could compare it with a real IPA sitting right next to it. It had a sweet smell to it like a glucose sort of thing. It was a bit off putting until I took a sip and was quite impressed. For a non alcoholic IPA I think they did a decent job. It doesn't have that dark IPA bite that makes me randy. I think that might be the alcohol that is missing. Oh fuck I might have a problem. 

It has a nice taste to it with that IPA bite with a sloth of sugary and sour fruit mixed in, This would be a great replacement for alcoholic beers on a weekend somewhere.

This one gets 3.5 suds out of 5. 

*sorry for poor top photograph, iPhone can be real disappointing. 

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