Monday, June 19, 2023

Beer Friday (Monday Edition)Leduc Brewing, Leduc County Lager

 Well we are finally throwing in the towel on Bike Month after an absolute terror of a night where I was up  wide awake until five in the morning where I think I fell asleep at about 5:30 and was awoken quickly to many alarms set to try and kick me back to day schedule which I had forgotten about after being up all night. I believe I woke up around eleven thirty and have been in a state of sub conscious ever since but cannot sleep after trying to nap. 

Fuck you nightshift. 

After seeing how my driving was doing driving to Subway after slaving away at making spaghetti for what I thought would be a ride in my glorious valley. So we found Leduc Brewing which so happens to be the same county the headquarters of this here blog resides in. I am not sure how long they have been around but noticed they have a taproom and think it is something worth checking out one day after a roll around the lake.

Leduc County Lager looks like it is on of their flagship beers and we opened and poured it and admired a dirty golden beer that that looked very tempting after an absolute shit day. A smell of wheat and dry hops with traces of popcorn somehow made it's way to be sniffed ever so slightly. 

The first sip had me a bit taken back so then I had another sip and deemed this one a quite delicious. A definite taste of wheat made ,e quite happy when I thought this could have come off a farm right outside our townA bit of an aftertaste that leaves a good feeling in the throat after having a sip, Each sip is quite refreshing and it was a shame when it ran out while I sipped away trying to think of things to say about this one. 

I'm tired ok… 

This beer gets 4 suds out of 5.

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