Sunday, June 4, 2023

Turner Park Rides begin Again

A return to the wonder that is Fort Saskatchewan singletrack on a very sore set of legs on a very nice Sunday morning which made me think I was batshit crazy for showing up knowing the trails could be full of those weekend warrior cubicle dwelling maniacs. 

That was not the case and a pretty much wide open trail system greeted me as I rolled the titanium wonder bike through slick and fun singletrack making me grin like a maniac high on bath salts shopping naked at a local Wal Mart.

Not a lot to say as I have enough posts from this fine land.The start again at Turner Park was quite awesome to get to do again after a couple years. A run in with Jason and Gord of the famed Lonebiker Brethren lore happened and judging from the gps routes they rode the whole system twice.


progress but with no open bridge still

showing up those 15 year olds that hang out here with old man awesomeness

* credit jason? for bottom pic but he is the one launching 

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