Thursday, June 1, 2023

Welcome June

Bike month has officially started. A month I used to make a big deal of back years ago and thanks to working shitty shift work jobs the June passion had dwindled some time ago.

Well thanks to a Strava challenge that came my way I joined the June challenge which means ride every day the month of June. A mountain that seems quite high to look at when standing at the bottom looking up but you know what kids?  I made my first ride today back on the new gravel bike and I didn't get crippled. 

Win win.

Night shift will be an animal that I will have to conquer and it is a week away. I think short five kilometre rides will be the standard which will not be written up on here as they will be three kilometres short of the Lonebiker minimum to make it a ride post. I will post likely do a post on all seven rides when the rotation is over. 

Anyways, I don't want to mention work as it just ended and days off have begun. Happiness is high on the charts currently and I decided to take the Octane One after a slight handlebar adjustment  and weeks of doing core exercises. 

I was unsure of where to go and ended up starting at the Old Strathcona High School again and took the closed lane of Calgary trail north (heading south) towards the river and then followed the street car tracks before dipping into the valley as a potty break had to go down. 

I rode to the closed Hawerlak and was reminded how annoying that will be for the next two years. It seems like there is always something. I also read a tale that they have a good chunk of the quarry ride shut down due to the new pedestrian bridge construction. 

The ride was ok and the bike is still awesome. It lurches ahead with each pedal stroke like the Moots does and is still fun as hell to ride. Passing cars in the bike lane on 76th was the highlight of the day.

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