Friday, July 14, 2023

Beer Friday. Analog Brewing, Pixelated pilsner

 Damn kids,  that  air quality index or as the cool kids call it the 'AQI' is off the charts today with forest fire smoke which stopped a possible bike ride that was planned for the late afternoon which is something that hardly ever happens coming off of nights so it feels good to be doing a beer review instead.  Holy shit, that was a long first sentence! I have ridden in the smoke before and know it isn't a smart move but today the smoke blanket is on a whole new level so I didn't feel bad about not riding. 

Analog Brewing from south Edmonton are up again. A very cool brewery which has a tap room in sort of an industrial area. The owners are big nerds and the beers are all based on video games and have some of the best labels in the business.

We are doing a seasonal brew today. Pixelated Pilsner is a Czech style of beer and the pouring team was pumped up about opening and pouring this one that they fainted when I pulled out the tester glass. 

So let's pour this bitch kids!

A beauty of a beer filled up the tester glass and a very crisp looking golden beer hit us with amaze as we looked on in disbelief. A one fingered head sans finger nail stood atop of this proud Czech beer and a nice light aroma of Ritz crackers and malts lightly graced our nostrils.

We tasted and it delivered. A great Summer beer that does what a proper pilsner should do and gives you a fresh and crisp beer that tastes great and is less filling just like that terrible eighties beer ad. Traces of lacing followed the glass downward . Crackers and a lightly malted brew with a nice fresh tasting finish round this great beer out from a pretty great brewery. Some would say Edmonton's finest.

This beer gets 4 suds out of 5. 

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