Sunday, July 30, 2023

More Wet Trail Touring

Leaving the mountain bikes at home again as I assumed the trails would be too wet for a ride I started at Mcnally school and took the bike lane to the valley forgetting that Hawerlak is completely closed for the next couple of years. 

Ah yes, Edmonton is renovating the entire park and the rumour is there will be a lot less trees when they are done which makes absolutely zero sense. Every time I see a video on Edmonton on the internet there is always a slight brag to the amount off trees that we have here so maybe we can afford to lose a few? 

I say keep the trees. 

A decent ride again on the Octane One was had. I by-passed Hawerlak by riding up top but forgot that they left a trail open to at least pass through the park while the tree murderers do their thing. I took The Mighty Menzies and crossed to river valley road and found the road climb up beside my lady Victoria.

Up top I took the bike lanes through downtown and found Edmonton's seedy underbelly and could not get over how big the homeless encampments are now.  Plus the amount of sketchy humans walking around these areas was a bit disconcerting and I was happy to be in a bike that could get away pretty quick if I need it to. Plus, you guys are aware that I could win a professional cobblestone race in Europe. 

I'm pretty kickass.

I rode bike lanes and trails and dropped in after a visit to Concordia and rode the valley back towards home base. I climbed out next to the Edmonton Ski Club or Gallagher Park where they are preparing for Folk Fest where swarms of smelly hippies plague the trails and paths in the area for a weekend every summer. The National was there last summer and I was almost one of those smelly hippies but instead I worked unlike the vast majority who attend folk fest. 

Bah ha ha ha ha ha…. 

I only kid, I would be there if I could get tickets so please calm down if you are a folk fest aficionado.

The ride took me through backside Whyte ave bike lanes and I soon found my home base at Mcnally.My legs were quite finished at the end of this and I didn't get the forty kilometres I had planned on sadly. 

hippies everywhere are getting that itching feeling knowing this is going on 

why did they put fancy streets here? just why… 


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