Tuesday, July 18, 2023

To The Fort

The good news is a ride happened on a day it wasn't supposed to but the rain came and ruined my planned mountain bike ride, 

So it was a gravel bike ride from the Legends golf club in Strathcona to Fort Saskatchewan on somewhat wet gravel that had many puddles that I rolled through and when I got into Fort Saskatchewan I was sadly immediately bored. I had no ambition on riding anywhere else. I had made my destination and sadly it arrived much earlier than predicted.

So I turned around.

I blame the nightshift to dayshift switchover which gets real serious at this time of days off as I have to hurry up and switch over somehow quickly but it never happens and I start work on Thursday with very little sleep The whole process makes me quite grumpy and irritable and it seems to be getting worse the longer I work there, its not a good situation.

The ride was uneventful and the dirtiest the new bike got so far and it still flies baby!

Fingers crossed for tomorrow.

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