Saturday, August 26, 2023

Local Bitch Boy Rides the Leduc Express

 Hell yes! Another Leduc run but I extended it and rode a loop around that other much smaller lake in a park. Whats the name of that now? You know, the one with the plane? You know? The T-33 to commemorate the Air Cadets. Oh hold on and let me Google this …. 

Fred Johns Park… What the hell…? Really? 

Hold on, now I'm being an asshole. Let me Google 'Fred Johns.' 

*what! Why are you all snickering? Should I know who he is? I do hope the lad is attached to the plane somehow than it would be super cool. 

Fred Johns was Leduc's longest tenured mayor. Wow…. cool, a politician. Why would an ex military pilot who probably died heroically flying one of those get a park named after him and not some slimy politician?

Sorry, it's late, I'm sore and grumpy. Which had the ride on super mellow mode and any sort of effort was hampered by sore legs mostly brought on by work. My job involves a lot of on knees and bent over for hours type of work *insert any sort of lame joke here please.

That does take a definite toll on my body especially at my advanced post caveman age. It was an especially hard week for some reason and now I am sadly paying for it. 

Short singletrack Moots ride tomorrow if things work out… Here is hoping. 

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