Sunday, October 22, 2023

Epic Conditions & the Worst Execution Ever

 This one falls below the Lonebiker 8 kilometre quota for ride posting but with a poor forecast and zero signs of a healthy fat bike for a while I might be shit out of luck so I am posting this. Plus I got a couple swell pictures via my iPhone. Have to admit the ease and use of my phone camera has made me forget the Canon at home. 

I had nothing to give. maybe too soon after breakfast? I was in trouble quickly and I knew I wasn't getting a ride in. A mid climb panic attack greeted me quickly and I knew this ride was over. The short loop I rode from Kinseman to the Low Level and back was it and the highlight was rolling up the hill in the pic above on the Rocky Mountain. 

It was a cool feeling. 

Hope we can keep this going . Boo Winter. 

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