Thursday, October 19, 2023

Insane October Weather in Fort Saskatchewan

It was over and above warm temperatures which kept me away from car shopping and on the trails rolling through the leaves which was the obvious smart decision besides a now deadline when I should be getting a new car.

This trail has been ridden and talked about on here a ton of times and it is always fun as hell. It was warm and I expected the trails to be busy but it was quiet and clear sailing as I had more energy than expected after being sick and then working four days still recovering from a cough from satans wife. 

I stayed primarily on the old school trails. I appreciate all the new cuts but compared to the old school trail they just don't cut it….. do you get it? 

ha ha ha ha ha ha….. 


Okay well anyway we will continue this fun tomorrow. Cheers kids and that was damn funny now wasn't it?

Elk Island Fail Fest

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