Saturday, November 18, 2023

Get Out There kids

 Could this have been the top Fort Saskatchewan ride of the year? A recent one with Kent was top notchers too but that one didn't have darkness, danger and ominous spirits streaking across the trails in a zippy fast motion.

I was the only soul out in the area besides the lost ones wandering the woods I rode through tonight. 

The Bontrager Iron Comp light is great but it seemed to die off prematurely. I am saying that with complete uncertainty if I did charge it or not. So yes there is that little nugget. But after about an hour it was showing lots of red on the battery and it was dimming quite fast so I made the decision to get off the singletrack and up onto the paved. 

It was on the return through the rough parts on the trails east? of the boat launch heading towards Turner Park. It was dicey and I feel like I made the right decision. I was just annoyed the light was letting me down and I had to ride paved after some of the most fun night riding I have had in a while. 

It was pure perfection. The roots looked menacing with the bouncing shadows adding to the amaze that it was. The light bounced along the trees in tune with the trails. This insane bat shit crazy late November non snow warm weather will end soon. 

Get out and enjoy it. Old man is coming soon. 

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