Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Last Chance of Dry

Another banger of a ride on an insanely great set of days off which sadly had to end cause once again frozen feet happened and I had to retreat 

I blame the summer bike shoes. It's November twenty second and there I was in my damn Sidi shoes. 

It's the lack of snow that is deceiving. 

So last chance at a dry bike ride as work starts tomorrow in the darkest hours of the night. Is this late November riding going to extend into December just like the Oilers losing every game they play? 

I started in the Pioneer cabin parking lot and took the Old Timer trails westward like any proper chump should. Unless that chump had more of an adventurous side and took Old  Timers. I avoided the upper Gnome area as the legs were not kicking in and kept it low and easy. Work loomed and wanted to see Victoria and then took the Groat Road Rollercoaster (aka Lovers Lane)  to the end and back.

My feet froze by the end ad I hightailed it back to the car but not without riding the high side Old Timer trails which was an amazing way to end the dry side skinny bike season.

Bikes rule. Bring on the fat bikes. 


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