Saturday, December 16, 2023

Beer Friday. Syc Brewing, First Timer IPA

 Well here we are with another beer review and zero bike rides happening.

Say what?

This has been one of the lamest years health wise and I am down and out yet again with some sort of super flue or cold. I missed another huge chunk of work and slowly got better and started living again (sort of) with a rare photo dump the other day. Sadly that outing was a bad idea and I went downhill again and have been pouting on the couch.

So we go to a local brewery again this time in the west end of Edmonton. They have a bevy of beers in their lineup and I think they even have a tap room but I couldn't find much evidence on their website. They have a link to what's on tap but nothing else which is a tad frustrating and I always get annoyed at the lack of effort some of these breweries put into their website. 

A pour happened and a nice somewhat dirty looking beer filled up our Bubba Gump glass and was crowned with a two fingered head which slowly went away but left that sexy lacing I love so much as this one was downed. It had the usual smells which I could not figure out cause I am quite plugged up so stop pestering me to smell this one ok?

I know you weren't. I am just grumpy.

A delight to drink and this 6% IPA is going down quite nice. It does have a strong IPA presence to it but with no bitterness on the backend which I blame those new generations for. Those chumps!  It does what a modern IPA does and makes you feel good all over with every sip. The carbonation is splendid and the hops do what they need to do. 

I did see this one was discontinued which is sad but I am sure you can still find these around the city. 

This beer gets 4.5 suds out of 5. 

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