Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Elk Island Fail Fest

A complete ride failure as I didn't even bother taking the bike out of the car when I arrived in Elk Island. The switchover back to days is hard and this was my last day so I got up earlier than usual which set the tone for the day…

Extreme tiredness.

I realized that driving through the gates so I paid my way and took some mini walks around thinking lots of my Dad and the time he spent out here. I get the appeal the older I get and more I see this place although today I walked  through snow in unstable summer Sidi's.. Jesus have mercy. 

No I did not have the good camera, this was an iPhone 13 or a 10…. I don't know. The camera is pretty nice but could not capture the cool vibe of this place. Sorry for the dorky vertical pictures. I'm such a newb. 

i had good intentions

very good intentions indeed. work sucks 

Toe Dabbing in the Fort SK

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