Friday, January 26, 2024

Beer Friday. Medicine Hat Brewing, Highway Star Hazy Double IPA

 Its Friday and we are fresh off nightshift kids and guess what? No riding will take place this week as the winter wonder bike is undergoing a complete makeover. A move I should have done in the summer but you know what? 

I'm stupid.

I did think about doing this over the summer but getting bikes fixed is a hassle. Well look at me now… 

From Medicine Hat we have the brewery named after the fine town which sits at the bottom right part of Alberta kind of close to the American and Saskatchewan border. The brewery has a taproom like any proper brewery should and has from what looks like a rather extensive menu which is kind of impressive considering most of those taprooms don't have much for food. 

Medicine Hat teamed up with Calgary's New Level Brewing to create this hazy double IPA. at 8.4% this one is not a beer to drink if you are in incredible pussy. Nope, this is a mans beer so lets get right to the pour.

The pour showed a classic IPA dirty golden coloured beer that gave a one and a half fingered head that seemed to want to hang around for a while. In fact we poured it a while ago and the head is still there with no signs of any dissipation happening anytime soon. 

A smell of a slightly hoppy citrus greeted us and the first sip was a delight and a nice easy drinking IPA was enjoyed. I take back what I say about it being a mans man beer. This one goes down super easy for being a high percentage beer. A nice mixture of citrusy grapefruit with a tropical tinge with no bitter IPA aftertaste which I oddly miss so much. 

A great tasting beer the Medicine Hat Brewery (and New Level) knocked out of the park. 

This beer gets 4 suds out of 5. 

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