Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Hail to the Future Quicke Marts in Beaumont

Hail to thee future Quicke Marts, day cares, liquor store and pot/vape shops brought to you by a rich farmer who sold his land to the developer and now has money for his entire family. But you know what? Good for that guy I think he deserves the money now come on! Everybody do a round of applause for the rich farmer dude.

*raises hand. "thank you, you can sit down now.

The developer is getting their money back as they have the classic new style of jump from roof to roof homes. It's almost like duplex living and when one catches fire.... oh boy.

Well thats all I have. A new neighbourhood in town here complete with strip mall was visited for the first time and I rode around the streets and trails of Beaumont. 

In the end I hit twenty km's on a day I wasn't expecting to ride. 

Godspeed Lonebiker... Godspeed. 

hell yeah beaumont! good on ya. lots of good things happening parks wise here

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