Friday, March 1, 2024

Happy Friday

Terribly sorry for the lack of content kids. You would think things would pick up on here with no more long pointless work days (and nights) but I gotta be honest.. 

I wimped out cause of the cold. Here is hoping for some rides this weekend but I am a weak man right now and enjoy hiding from this newfound winter in Alberta so we were gonna do a beer review tonight but apparently MacBooks lose functions in relation to blogger through their crappy Safari browser meaning no pictures getting uploaded to Lonebiker anytime soon.. 

Don't cry kids. We will figure this shit out. Wait! I have Google Chrome on here! Gonna go do a test run now hold on… 

Listen to this song from this Goddess while you wait and when your done just scroll down to see what happened in Lonebiker headquarters as we try to fix this emergency.

Ding Ding Ding! Google Chrome is the winner. Oh my God! Lonebiker is saved. Interns are crying. I just saw an executive hug the beer pourer. 

Pretty fucking disappointing on Apples end for this to happen. This laptop was bought exclusively for Lonebiker and watching anime porn and that's it! 

In fact it's downright bullshit. Pretty crappy deal there Apple.  Go slap someone with an iPhone this weekend would ya? 

Beer Friday tomorrow. Unless a ride happens.. 

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