Saturday, April 20, 2024

Ken Discovers AI Imagery and Goes for a Ride

 Yes I discovered and quickly fell in love with artificial intelligence imagery and this was the first picture I made and as you can see. 

It's a fuckin masterpiece.

I typed a demon wearing diapers chasing a mountain biker  and voila! It is a bit creepy to be honest and I may now have weird dreams for the next four and a half months so thanks for nothing AI. 

The ride with real pictures below took place from Strathcona High School where I rode through Old Strathcona and found the High Level and crossed thee almighty High Level Bridge (I saluted the whole length) because hot damn! What an epic bridge!

I rode the LRT trail and was amazed at how cleaned up it was compared to my last roll through where the homeless were out of control. I knew the city did a big clean up so that must have been one of the areas. A few tents were in the area though still. 

I crossed through Rundle and rode out into Capilano. I tried to find my way back to Strathcona High School avoiding every busy like road I could and found bike lanes and back alleys or many residential streets and soon found the Old Strathcona infamous bike lane and made it for home. 

An odd ride as I wasn't really into it one bit at any point. 

Whats going on in the background? Is it other demons carrying mountain bikers away? I'm that much more creeped out now.

And is he wearing a speedo? Come on AI. Get your shit together.


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