Saturday, June 1, 2024

Beer Friday. Torchlight Brewing, Awesome Flavour Hazy IPA

 After a long delay in the riding department we are back to at least write up another dumb beer review. "Sorry about the lack of riding" *i say out loud looking at my bikes.. oh yes and you guys must miss me too!

Ya I get it. I'm fuckin adorable. 

The first chance I had was Wednesday and I cancelled at the potential heavy rain. I have had my fill for a bit on riding in the rain and I didn't want to take the chance. The rest of the week were planned rides but unfortunately I had back issues most likely from doing lots of elevated work platform jobs this last week. Those things shake quite a bit when you are at height and I think always keeping myself balanced takes a toll on the back. So here we are... tomorrows ride is just a big question mark. 

Torchlight Brewing comes from one of Gods special gifts to the world. Nelson, British Columbia. They have what looks like a brewpub  attached with pictures of their food which looked quite delicious. The Awesome flavour IPA has a high 7% which peaked my interest a bit. 

We poured and it gave a generous four and a half fingered head and I glared at the beer pourer for his incompetence. It does have an interesting aroma and I was getting sort of a dried fruit vibe with lots with a hazy like undertone which comes true with the taste. Now how about that! It's even in the name.  No dried fruit in the taste but tastes more like happy Caribbean fruit if that makes any sense.

I want to say it is quite heavy in mango. Hold on I'm gonna go look at what the website says. Well they just talk about how awesome it is. I did picture myself on a beach in the Dominican drinking one of these which is way better than my spider filled cold dank basement. This was decent but it didn't really blow my mind. I can see some people loving it. It's quite fruity for an IPA. 

This beer gets 3 suds out of 5.


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