Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Beaumont Back Checker

I use that title a lot lately and this shit is getting old. 'Back Checker'... ugh. This episode never got serious, I just get very nervous as this was how it started in the past before going full cripple. So when there is a little pain I get nervous.

So around town on one of the hottest parts of the day on one of the hottest days of the year cause I cannot time anything right. I took it easy on the gravel bike and could not believe how quiet it was on the back paved walking trails. Not a soul was out other than people sitting under shelter in their yards with drinks on hand. 

I did have big plans for a river valley Moots romp but I cannot handle time so I switched from River Valley to Leduc to Home. I could not believe the amount of overdevelopment on the Beaumont outskirts with traffic already much heavier than ever. 

You could jump from roof to roof on all the new houses being built. The new neighbourhoods look like garbage as the houses are all identical and there are zero trees and these developers are making millions off these neighbourhoods trying as hard as they can to squish everybody in. A drone shot of these neighbourhoods is urban hell as it's a sea of brown shingles. 

In the end the ride was fine and the back held up so hooray. I did feel a bit overheated when I got back but cooled down good with a Tilly hat soaked in water. Yes it's hot and apparently the whole world is super hot so maybe go get some ice cream or something. 

it literally will never end


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