Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Good stuff from Ibis

The boys from San Jose are on the verge of releasing their new bike , the mojo hd which looks alot like their regular mojo (imagine that) . One difference is the travel which is now 160 mm as opposed to 140 on the standard mojo which doesn`t seem like much but according to Ibis will feel alot more than 160 . The bottom bracket height is about 25 mm higher as well . Importantly for me and I`m sure a whole slew of others you can now put on a Chris king headset (which is very appropriate on a high end bike) . I don`t think standover height would be an issue considering the unique design of the frame even though this one is a little taller .

One thing that is super cool about this bike is Brian Lopes was racing one in France on a course setup for downhill bikes and this bike ate it up and won one (mind you it is Brian Lopes).

Would I buy one ? Probably not , I`m happy enough with mine . If I ever convinced my wife to live somewhere cool then.................... maybe . Pricing hasn`t been released yet but I`m sure for what your getting it would be quite reasonable . I`m guessing around $2500 for the frame . That is a full carbon dw link 6inch trailbike people !

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