Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Riding. Terwilliger Park in the dark

a look at the new light system

For me the best time to ride Terwilliger is in the winter and late fall at night . For one thing the crazy person index is pretty low (as opposed to the rest of the river valley). Best of all , the trails are real quiet . Tonight I didn`t see one person on the trail , other than the parking lot there was no one there , as opposed to spring/summer when you can`t find a parking spot .

Nothing to special tonight other than the fact that I finally got new lights . NiteRider , mininewt . I had the 200 tonight but I am going to trade them in for the 4oo tomorrow . The big difference is two light pods as opposed to one . The 200 stands for 200 lumen's which is pretty good . I had good visibility tonight but will feel more comfortable with that extra 200 which I could mount on my helmet . 400 lumens on my handlebar though wouldn`t be to shabby !

the terwilliger parking lot of my dreams ...empty
(sorry for the crappy picture)

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