Tuesday, November 10, 2009


this bike looked very lonely

First off , a warning ! If you happen to work at a shop in Nisku and you ride a bike and commute or ride right after work (as I do) be careful with the tights ! I didn`t pack my riding shorts today which I would wear overtop of my tights , thus hiding that unsightly bulge . Bravely though I walked out of the bathroom wearing .............. Yes black tights , shoes that click when you walk , my manlump for all to see , and a gay laugh (those that know me ) and being surrounded by guys that love UFC , big pickup trucks and anything that would involve blowing defenseless animals to smitherens . ...........................I`m lucky to have made it out of there alive ........Damn !

Anyways , I did go riding and it was awesome , but a little too short . The lights held tonight but I only had them on for the good stuff , if it wasn`t technical they were off . One thing I found funny tonight was taking a break at Kinsman rec center , I watched people jostling around the lot trying to get a close parking spot so they didn`t have a long walk to go work out . People are nuts .

Local Pussyfooting On the Easy Bike

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