Wednesday, December 9, 2009

10 fun things to do when your sick

It`s been a long time since I`ve been sick , aside from the annual springtime allergy run life has been pretty good . I`ve been home all day and I am so bored that my head actually hurts .

So I compiled a list of fun things to do when you are sick , although some may not apply to you so just shut the hell up and read the damn list already !

10 . study welding procedure manuals for work ...........ya number 10 sucks !

9. play madden . Why the hell not ! Although that gets boring after a little while

8. log on to mtbr head to the forums and post away . Some of these guys have over 10000 posts ! Holy shit ! They must be sick all the time .

7. learn how to properly spell testacles . Apparently my Mom thinks I mispelled that word in a previous post .............oh this is just awkward ! here it is > how bout that , I was wrong !

6. try to figure out how Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize . Seriously ? Can someone please explain this one to me !

5. write stupid stuff in your blog

4. look up bike stuff on the interweb (this ones a no brainer)

3. watch the collective videos , the best mountain bike films of all time

2. check out other peoples riding videos on youtube , this one is sweet !

1. sleep.........................although not very exciting , when your sick and this bored it`s a welcome relief from the monotony

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