Friday, December 18, 2009

Beer Friday. Fruli Strawberry beer

From Belgium we bring you Fruli from Belgium ? What the hell is wrong with me ? Anyways I thought I would try to get Christmasy and find a holiday themed beer and this is as close as I got . I guess Beaumont liquor stores are low on selection (who would have thought that !)

The thing that was odd tonight was once I made my selection all I could taste was strawberry , this was before I got home and opened the bottle up . When I got home my wife and one of my kids was wearing reddish pinkish strawberry looking pajamas .....................weird ! I would be lying if I told you I like strawberry flavour , really not one of my favourites . So to be fair I will let my lovely bride who loves strawberry flavour tell you all about it ........o.k , she`s shy .

Anyways , this beer is not shy on the strawberry ! If you`re into that get it . If not than stay away .

If you like strawberries 4 suds out of 5
If you don`t 1.5 suds out of 5...........the.5 was for trying

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