Friday, December 4, 2009

Beer Friday.Innis & gunn blonde

Thanks to me working late today so I could save up for more bike stuff (giddidy giddidy) I had to get the lovely wife to go pick up tonights tester . Yes , in the middle of a blizzard , yes I`m a jackass . Anyways this same brand of beer was the first test in my weekly kickass beer review , luckily this was a different brew so I didn`t have to flog her ............ha ha ha ha

Innis and Gunn blonde , the early test was original . This was quite good (like the first) it was smooth , went down easy and had a hint of vanilla (I guess that explains "blonde" on the bottle) I really enjoyed my Innis tonight and sadly wanted more but it`s freakin blizzarding outside ...................wait a minute . SHERI , YOU WANNA GO PICK UP MORE OF THAT INNIS STUFF YOU BOUGHT ! oh silly me , I`m not supposed to type my yelling . She won`t go anyways .........may the flogging begin !

oops , a little late here 3.5 suds out of 5 for Innis blonde

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