Saturday, December 26, 2009

Riding. First ride with the GPS

black and white picture of a cold trail

Got to take my new toy out today and am happy to report it worked flawless . The GPS stuck with me well in my camelback leaving my handlebars nice and free making me nice and happy.
The details on the GPS are such . 22.8km travelled . Average speed 14.8kmh (yes , it`s slow . I was taking it easy...........real easy) Total elevation gained today was 854 feet . The bottom of the this post is my track from today . It shows a track going back to Beaumont as I forgot to save the trip when I got back to the car.

The ride was good despite the amount of people out . It was busy as it seems people are smart and they are going outside rather than lining up inside a Best buy . There were lots of tobogganers who gave me weird looks as I passed by ............... little jerks , don`t they know their giving me a complex .

one of the better presents from this christmas
(chia homer is a close second)

don`t think the queen is going anywhere in a while

This link has the track from my ride today

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