Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Looks like another Christmas is gonna roll on by without goober

hmmmm. how fubar , the good old days ........

Christmas is now a short ten days away and I can`t help but think of what it would be like to still have my brother to push me around . This is something I do every year and whats making this one tough is now I don`t have Dad around . I`ve been thinking about Christmas all summer knowing this one will be a little rough . Now ten days away it`s starting to sink in . I find it hard and quite annoying how guys talk about doing stuff with their Dads and Brothers over Christmas in front of me ................I don`t know maybe they just don`t fucking get it .........douchebags . Maybe that`s why they say I`m a little grumpy at times , but like I just said . They don`t fucking get it . I never was the moody /grumpy type (so I think)

I always wonder what Dave would have been like now , it`s now been 12 years since he died ............. Weird . I couldn`t imagine having him around for Christmas , we would probably hang out doing the Christmas thing together , maybe he would have a family as well and we would get together for Christmas . I don`t have too many memories of Dave at Christmas time other than the one time I bought him cigarettes as a joke and he was so happy ! I think that made his Christmas eve ................which is quite sad really ! Yet it makes for good memories (it`s funny how that works) as far as my Dad and Christmas memories go ...............way too many . This year is gonna be tough .......... Fuck cancer

My apologies to all who come on here expecting something else , this has been on my mind alot lately and I have a blog , thus...........

Thankfully I have a great wife , two awesome daughters and some really sweet bikes . I hope to get back on the Stumpjumper soon , or maybe the Moots..........he he , as temps are going back up and my cold seems to be going away .

Happy Saturday