Sunday, January 3, 2010

A look back at the 2009 Seahawks

................really nothing to look back on kids so just go look at some porn or something kay .

Thankfully , the 2009 Seahawk season came to an end today with another disappointing loss . This time they at least they came out and tried , that is until the end when they had to convert a fourth down play and had no protection . Matty was rushed and threw an interception ending the game ,ironically very much like the season . I guess after all these years as a fan I should expect this after all this is normal for them right ................You know .............Sucking

a four interception day for matty .............Whoopie!

something tells me that I could be very
close to this guy , yet Sheri would be
very, very , very far away
in week 3 they introduced their swanky third jersey

even the cheerleaders looked bad in those things

after it was all over I had to go celebrate another
great hawk season

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