Thursday, January 14, 2010


I had this planned for a while now and I am now smack in the middle of it . Plan A "Work my ass off in the winter so I can buy sweet bike stuff for next summer and maybe a few nice things for the wife and a trip to Vegas" That`s not really the name of the plan but essentially the gist of all this overtime piecework . Last Saturday I pulled a 13 hour shift and have a few more planned for this month and Febuary . The strange thing is I don`t feel to bad working like this .

The only thing that blows is the complete lack of riding , were now well into the second week of 2010 and I haven`t been on a bike yet . Yes that makes me sad , it really does ! Every time I go into the den I see the bikes and wish I wasn`t such a nimrod for working so much .

the boys over at Ibis have the
right idea , I don`t think I do

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