Sunday, February 7, 2010

Colorado Pictures ......And a little Utah

Climbing in Vail

Yes it`s true . If you fall here you`re dead . Some guys
actually ride on the ledge .........nutcases !

........Hey ! This has nothing to do with biking ! In the end ,
I was glad to see the Cowboys lose

A place where dreams are made ! Steamboat Springs Colorado

Inside the factory....................sigh

One baddass mother #$%*#$ of a trail

A slice of the heavenly Fruita trail system

Slickrock trail , this one turned out pretty good
(I just patted myself on the back)

Dang ! is that ever depressing to look at right now !
Zippety Do Da , Fruita , Colorado

"seriously ! put that damn camera away already"

riding on crack , or in a crack . Grand Junction

The start of the Ribbon Trail , Grand Junction

Slightly different trail system than here ..........just slightly

Beer Friday. Banded Peak Brewing, Ride On Western Lager

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