Friday, March 12, 2010

Beer Friday . Steam Whistle

Ahhhh Friday night beer review ! Is there anything better ? No I answer you ! absolutely not ! I am hoping to have all the beer reviews compiled down into one sweet little link (maybe I`ll work on that tomorrow)

A fine young lad by the name of Omar (name hidden to protect identity) has been harassing me for some time now of the beauty of Steam Whistle and how I should review it . I could not find the stuff for the longest time and alas it was in my own backyard . Steam Whistle is brewed in Toronto .......Ewwww , Toronto , say no more . Those people are assholes ! Oh no , just kidding ! It`s an Albertan thing , you know to hate everything east and west of us . From what the map shows the brewery is very close to the Sky dome and the Cn tower . So in an afternoon you could go watch a Blue Jays game , take a ride up the tower and then go get smashed at the brewery ......There is a tear welling up in my eye as I hum Oh Canada .

The beer comes in green bottles which is pretty cool yet plays games with your taste buds a little as it looks like you are drinking water . After a few sips it goes away and you are left with a pleasant tasting brew . I didn`t pour this into any glass as I was enjoying the look of the bottle too much . As I just said , Steam Whistle is a good decent beer . Now comparing it to some of the smash hits I`ve had on here it would be hard to put this brew in the same category as some of the lonebiker heavyweights .

I give this beer 3.2 suds out of 5

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