Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bike Lust . Yeti 575

As I sit at home patiently waiting for my allergy medication to kick in I am looking on the Internet looking at some fine bike porn . Low and behold what do I find ? Yeti ! This bike company is conveniently located in Golden Colorado and have been making frames since 1985 . High quality frames that is ! I remember the good old days when names like John Tomac , Julie Furtado , Miles Rockwell and of course Missy Giove aka "piranha girl" were riding these sweet bikes . I have always had burning loins for the "Yeti ARC " their hardtail . A bike I will feature in a future Bike lust .

I had to go with this one first because of it`s huge popularity . When I was in the Junction/Fruita region last year these bikes were everywhere ! Which told me in a place like this these bikes have gotta kick some serious trail ass (how cheesy am I ? seriously .......I am so lame sometimes) . It does tell you that the frames are pretty damn good ............And damn good they are . With five and three quarters of suspension hence......... 575 , this is a bike that could pretty much do all , which would explain the popularity in the tough regions it is called for . You could get this frame in full carbon , or with a carbon swingarm . If carbon scares you they do offer a full aluminum frame .

This is easily a bike I could see myself riding and with a sub 6 pound frame you could get this bike at around 25 pounds ........For almost six inches of travel ! Yes I know , that almost seems like a standard thing now days with high end frames but there is something special about Yeti bicycles . Maybe it`s their history .

oh dear , how sexy is this , oh baby you are so fine !

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