Thursday, March 4, 2010

Riding . Millcreek-Nowhere special

March sucks .....Yes indeed it does . This is the worst time of year to ride a bike . Yet we go because were too excited about the weather and the melting snow . The trails are hard to navigate in the slushy snow , your drive train dies a little each time you ride in it , and spring riding can be very messy , yet in the end you feel just peachy .

People were quite grumpy tonight , bikes still don`t get much respect by most people . Three separate incidents put me in a rather foul mood , a cab driver downtown , some friendly yuppy trail runners , and another jackass in a car put me in a rather foul mood . Oh well , I was riding they weren`t ....... Douchebags .

.............for now , wet, gross, sloppy pavement

...........ewok will have to wait

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