Friday, April 9, 2010

The Mojo gets a boob job

.......Well no , not quite a boob job . This is much better then some plasticky dumb looking woman who has opted for bolt-ons . This is awesomeness at it`s finest .

After all that piece work in the early year , payoff has come !

Industry 9 Enduro wheels with I9 Enduro rims

Hope Tech x2 brakes , Goodridge braided cables

To sweeten the deal I got new tires to roll on for two ten . Continental , Mountain King . Cause you can`t get new wheels without new tires !

the beginning of tonight`s photo shoot

the caliper is machined from one piece of 2014 t6 aircraft
aluminum ......1 piece ........Holy Shit !

the two newbies together

the levers and the Goodridge braided stainless steel cables

more of the cables.........very cool

some fine bike pornography for you fine folks

the bike , more in it`s element

the rotor and a Christmas present (skewers)

mr happy go lucky guy grinnin because life is good

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