Friday, April 2, 2010

Not quite what I had planned

I had this ride planned all week , if the River valley was decent take the Moots for it`s first long spin . I was thinking of this all week and was quite excited about what may transpire . The thought of being alone in the valley on that bike for a good chunk of the day on a good 60 k ride .

And then a few things happened :
1 . I slept in past my planned start time of 9 a.m
2 . When I got to the trailhead I realized my Camelback was leaking severly
3 . No bell on the Moots .....That may seem lame , but try riding in the valley without warning people of your presence .........Very annoying !

So by the time I got to the trail it was 1:30 (I didn`t sleep in that much) and realizing my camelback was half empty because I didn`t secure it properly , I started riding only to come up to people realizing I had no bell . Me being the genius that I am stopped pedaling when I came up to people letting the noisy Industry 9 hub work it`s magic . It worked well ! Those thing`s are so cool ! So in the end I had a pretty good (but short) ride . I didn`t want to ditch my family so I knew I should turn back . If only I started at nine ........and didn`t screw up my camelback and bell.....sigh ......Sure was nice riding that Moots again . WOW !

part of my planned route to Terwilliger , that part of the ride
wouldn`t of happened anyways

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