Saturday, April 24, 2010

Two rides , two bikes and some good old two-ten Ft. Saskatchewan cherry popping

It looks like my Saturday ride posts are going to be nothing but pictures . Today there are lot`s of me so I guess I must have a real big crush on myself (I am kinda cute) I mean look at the one up top . Now there is a man who looks like he could please a women (this is the real reason I removed "comments") . The truth is I was experimenting with shots coming towards the camera as most of the self pics are of me going away .

break time at the greatest spot ever

The ride today consisted of two rides . I had to make up for lost time from my pathetic week of not riding , the first part was in the Edmonton river valley on the Moots where I started in the usual Mill Creek , went up to Ewok , then back west to Kinsemen . I must tell you if you hate mountain bikers you would not have wanted to be down in the valley today . They were everywhere ! It was awesome to see so many people out riding .

if only these trail conditions could last all year

another one of the douche with the big ego

Ride two took place in a familiar little place known simply as the "Fort" . I took the couch bike to try to break in the new brakes a little more , the ride was nice and smooth (hey I was riding a couch) and other then one nasty little wipeout and some branches whipping me in the chest , I came away unscathed and more importantly so did the Mojo . It was pretty nice to be back on those trails ! I missed them .

riding the Moots doing battle with the Ewoks

leaving Mill Creek after the first ride

where is everybody ? Ya gotta love Fort Saskatchewan

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